Newfoundland Breeding Bird Atlas: Remote Travel Grants

To help offset costs incurred by NF Breeding Bird Atlas volunteers during travel, Birds Canada invites atlassers to apply for a Remote Travel Grant. A limited number of these grants are available to help support volunteers incurring high expenses associated with atlassing activities, due to either travel to remote and inaccessible squares or extremely large time commitments.

Individuals of all skills levels are welcome to apply for Remote Travel Grants, but funding preference will be given to individuals or teams having bird identification and point count skills that will support completion of atlas square coverage goals: 15 point counts per square and 12-20 hours of general atlassing per square.

Applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. Volunteers must attain the minimum hours (12) required for coverage of an atlas square in one or more squares to be eligible for compensation
  2. Priority will be given to atlassers who complete point counts (15 per square, either with or without the use of a loaned recorder) over those who carry out general atlassing only.
  3. Funding will be preferentially awarded to volunteers who survey squares that cannot be accessed by vehicle.
  4. If surveyed squares are road-accessible, they must be either more than 4 hours drive away from the atlasser’s home base OR the atlasser must show extraordinary effort by completing ≥ 5 squares, incurring mileage ≥ 2,000 km, and contributing ≥ 100 hours of atlassing.

Interested participants should complete the application form below and submit it to the Newfoundland Atlas Office ( by June 10th, 2022. Applications should be for surveys planned for this coming season (summer 2022), not those completed in previous years. As the budget available for Remote Travel Grants is limited, you are encouraged to submit your request as soon as possible.





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