General Atlassing: Make Every Bird Walk Count!

Whether you’re heading out for half an hour or planning a whole day of birding, you can put your bird sightings to work for science by submitting them to the Atlas!  Instructions for General Atlassing contains the information you need to get started. Data sheets for general atlassing differ slightly between regions and can be found below:

NL Atlas Checklist Form – Region 01

NL Atlas Checklist Form – Region 02

NL Atlas Checklist Form – Region 03

NL Atlas Checklist Form – Region 04

NL Atlas Checklist Form – Region 05

NL Atlas Checklist Form – Region 06

NL Atlas Checklist Form – Region 07

NL Atlas Checklist Form – Region 08

Point Counts

Do you know your local birds by sight *and* sound? Consider signing up to conduct point counts for the Atlas!  All the guidelines can be found in the Instructions for Point Counts, and you can use one of two data forms: one with the most common species already listed, or a blank form.
Not sure whether your birding skills are up to conducting point counts?  You can test yourself with one of our region-specific Point Count Self-Assessment Quizzes!  Click on the link below for the region(s) you’re interested in:

ZOOM Audio Recorders – Instructions and Data Forms

If you’re still learning your bird songs, consider taking out a hand-held Zoom recorder to make audio recordings of point counts for later analysis by Atlas staff.  All the instructions for using Zoom recorders can be found below.

ZOOM Settings

ZOOM Point Count Instructions

ZOOM Recording Data Sheet

Other Materials

The Appendices contain in-depth details and examples not covered in the instruction manuals.
For some species, more details of sightings are required. For these species, please fill out the NL Rare-Colonial Species Form.

Breeding Evidence Codes

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